Wednesday, January 26, 2011

list post: grains i want to try

Whole grains are good for you, but I have to admit to being ignorant of most of them beyond the common: quinoa, corn meal, oats.

So I'm gonna start this here list and add to it as I discover more grains to try. Hopefully you'll help me with that! In fact, I already *do* have some things to put on the list thanks to some friends on Facebook. ...

the eatin' grains list
(alphabetical order, of course!)

corn meal (polenta!)
couscous (added 1/26)
farro (added 1/26)
quinoa, red
rice, brown
rice, forbidden
wheatberry (added 1/26) 

things I've learned 
"groat" It's a fun word! It means "hulled grain broken into fragments larger than grits." Thank you, Megan, for using this word!

quinoa can go sweet. I know very little about quinoa (at least as of now, as I set out to make this list). But I definitely only ever thought of it as a savory ingredient. Not so! According to my friend, Jennifer: "...delicious, hot breakfasts can include this! quinoa cooked with some water AND OJ, add raisins or craisins, cinnamon, YUMMY! I like some apple chunks in there too sometimes..." This opens up a new world!


  1. Couscous? I love couscous. I recently bought quiona but I haven't cooked with it yet. Hope it's tasty. I hear good things.

  2. Oh yeah! Couscous! I actually cooked with this *very* briefly many years ago, and I think I got it all wrong. From what I understand, you can basically pour hot water over the grain and let it rest until it's ready to eat? I'll have to look into it, but I'm definitely adding this to the list! Thanks, Mela.

  3. Couscous is not technically a grain, but rather a very tiny pasta. You cook it pretty much exactly as you described. It's yummy and super-quick cooking and you can find it in whole wheat versions as well.