I like lists. Here is a list of some of the lists I've created and that I'll nurture over time. I may never check off a single thing, but the mere act of list-making is ... glorious.

» links! Other bloggers inspire the heck out of me. I aim to write up a weekly list of links I think people that read this would like, too.

» ideas for this blog It's just a single list so far. I can see it growing. And, of course, some of these ideas represent long-term projects that I should provide some updates on. How about I start on that?

» grains i want to try. I want Patrick and I to incorporate more whole grains into our diet, by way of boiling, broiling, baking, soaking. Thing is, I don't know a lot about grains outside the basics. I thought a list would be a perfect way to get it all cookin'.

» treating myself. I tend to put off buying things for myself that I want (or even need, sometimes). There's nothing wrong with being frugal or not needing much to be happy. But I would like to think I'm physically capable of giving myself a treat every now and then. So I decided to put together a list of treats at the ready.

» good things i love This is the original. There will be more. I think it's so important to meditate on all the positive, happy-making elements in a healthful life.

» And then there are the days I make random lists of things I've done, things I'd like to do. They include achievements in gym-membershipdom; things I was looking forward to on a biking weekend (after months of cold weather); and more, as I write them.

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