Monday, January 10, 2011


How are you? It's been a while. Let's talk about that.

I got a new job. In a new town (an old town for us: Roanoke, Va.). My husband and I left a house behind in Knoxville, Tenn. We're renting that out. We're also living in a tiny apartment. I don't bake no more. Professionally. I design news pages. I used to do that. I'm doing it again (at the same newspaper as before). I'm happy.

What I'm *not* is regimented. But I'm getting there. Like with this here potato:

It's my lunch. But it's only a step in the right direction. Because I have no idea how much it weighs. Which means I don't know how many Weight Watchers points it is. I also put butter on it. How much? I'm not quite sure. Enough to make it tasty.

What this potato succeeds at is being a potato. And not a last-minute pizza. Or even leftover (tasty! low-fat!) lasagna that would be delicious, but that would also be full of the cheese that happens to be one of *my* no-no foods. (I'm vowing to myself to enjoy cheese in moderation. I can't cut it out, it's too delicious. But I can be sensible.)

I had to start somewhere
There is *so* much to talk about! I couldn't decide where. This potato seemed like a great place. Potatoes are simple. "Keep it simple, stupid!" Also, I wrote this little blog entry while my potato cooked up in the work microwave. Maybe this'll be a new thing. Lunchtime posts. Quick. Off the top of my head. Maybe this new thing will be how I tackle the long list of food/exercise related thoughts I'm eager to share.

Bonus thought
I'm seriously looking forward to a gym membership. I think I'll get one to the Y near our apartment. And that I'll go to it at 5 in the morning so I can catch my 7:20 bus to work. (Oh yeah. I take a bus to work, now. Something for a future luchtime post ...)


  1. I am doing lunchtime posts on my blog too. Hoping that will keep me from eating things I would be embarrassed to blog about. You share yours, I'll share mine.

  2. Haha! I just saw your most recent post. Thank you for the inspiration, Nona! I *am* feeling like this is a good productive time for me, but also a great check on my decisions.

    Good luck to us both ...