Monday, January 24, 2011

good things i love: a list

In my effort to get healthy, I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about the things I love that I should limit. Couldn't I spend at least as much time concentrating on the *good* things in life that I love?

I present to you, a list (including but not limited to, & mostly food):
> celery, tomatoes, red peppers (and all kinds of snappy vegetables that are tasty on their own)
> riding my road bike
> fresh-made bread (can't wait to brave whole-wheats ...)
> scratchmade hummus
> the simple fact that we *do* scratchmake (salsa, sweets, jam, chili, rice, beans, fries, pancakes & biscuits, granola)
> fresh apricots, peaches, plums, clementines (and other little hand fruits that are simple, sweet & flavorful)
> mango (with salt & skin!)
> sauteed mushrooms & onions in everything and anything
>  the satiating, energizing experience of eating a well-prepared, big salad.
> eggs. for breakfast, in a sammich, draped over pasta & greens with the yolk burst and dripping sauce
> modest amounts of extra dark chocolate (because when it's this good, you don't need too much)
> hiking & any variation on the long, observant walk
> coffee-as-treat
> beer
> water, when I finally get around to drinking enough of it ... and the good feeling of being hydrated

This list could go on for ... how long? I don't know! Add to it for me? I'd love to have more healthy things to look forward to every day.

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