Tuesday, January 25, 2011

the plum baker project

So, if you knew that I was The Plum Baker, you probably knew that my little baking business erupted from a strong desire to bake for the ones I love, the ones I like, the ones who I just met. The best reward for my work in the kitchen (in addition to the actual work, which I've always enjoyed) has been to hand over a treat to someone with the hope they'd love it.

I even settled on the name "Plum Baker" because one of the meanings of plum is "something desireable given in return for a favor" (and which I've always abbreviated to "a gift given in return for a kindness").

When Patrick and I left Knoxville for Roanoke in December, I folded my professional apron and took up page design again. I have loved my new job and I really lack for nothing by it (it challenges me mentally, it keeps me busy throughout my work day, the people are lovely).

And yet I've found myself pulled by this little urge, a tug at my apron strings. Then this idea dropped into my head, fully formed.

Here goes nothing ...

the plum baker project. honoring kind people, with sweets.
First round starts now!

1. You nominate someone in Roanoke, Va., who's done a good deed. Briefly explain what that deed was, the name of the do-gooder and what compelled you to take this extra step to honor him or her. I'll accept nominations through next Thursday (Feb. 3) at 5 p.m.! Comment on this blog entry or e-mail me at lindsay(at)theplumbaker(dot)com.

2. One 'winner' is picked at random. It's hard to measure the value of a good deed, am I right? So I'll use a randomizer to select a single nominee as 'the one.' At this point, I'll get in touch with you, the nominator, to get contact information for your winning nominee. I'll pick this week's winner & notify him/her by next Friday morning (Feb. 4). I'll announce the winner later that day.

3. A dozen cookies (or scones, biscotti, petite cakes), baked just for them! Good deeds too often go unrecognized. I would love to do this little part to help you express your gratitude to this sweet person. I'll even be happy to hand-transcribe a note of your personal thanks if you'd like. (Oh, and if it's your nominee who gets chosen, you'll get two cookies [or scones, etc.], too. After all, it was mighty nice of you to think of them.) This week? Ginger chews (seen above). It's the cookie that launched my Plum Baker business two years ago; it seems like the right cookie to launch my Plum Baker Project.
4. All stories will be shared. The random winner may get a special treat, but all acts of kindness deserve some recognition. I'll compile all the nominations and stories in my follow-up blog entry. I'll plan to publish this blog entry by Monday morning (Feb. 7).

the finer details
location. I'll have to limit my scope to the Roanoke, Va., area, so I can deliver (or arrange easy pickup) for the treats.

cost to participants? Zero. This is about spreading kindness!

how often will this happen? I'm going to play it by ear. Heck, I may not even get any nominees this first time out! Let's say once every two or four weeks for now ...

and that's that!
Well, I do hope this resonates with folks. There's a lot of kindness and thoughtfulness being spread, and I'd like to hear more people talk about it.

To nominate someone in Roanoke, Va., you think's done a kindness, please comment on this blog entry or e-mail me at lindsay(at)theplumbaker(dot)com. Include their name and a brief description of what sweet thing they did. I'll accept nominations through next Thursday (Feb. 3) at 5 p.m.


  1. Now I want a cookie. Those look so delish. I hope you get some awesome entries!

  2. Thank you, Mela! I'm happy to share this recipe, if you don't mind the temptation of having it handy ;)

  3. I miss your ginger chews! Best cookies, EVAR!! Some Roanokan (is that right?) is going to be a lucky, lucky little boy or girl when they get these.

    Cool project, friend. Have fun with it!

  4. Aww thank you, Erik! I'm really excited to bake these up this weekend!

    And it's Roanoker, but I *love* Roanokan. I may start calling myself that ...