Sunday, January 23, 2011

sunday night meditations

Ooh, that sounds fancier than it is.

Really what I mean is: Here's what I'm thinking about for the week ahead as it draws nearer and nearer:

Back to tracking in Weight watchers! I haven't been in the right frame of mind to do this for a while. But in the past few weeks I could feel all the gears shifting into place. I've been so. close. just. one. more. turn. And I'm there. I've already entered my breakfast and lunch for tomorrow (oats with almond milk, clementine and banana slices, wheat germ, honey, coffee & cream; and hummus, bread, veggies, an apple, extra dark chocolate).

My absence from tracking has been *so* long that I'm just now getting to use the new PointsPlus system. I'm kinda stoked for it ... it's a fresh start! Also, they give you more points (and even though it's because the foods are of higher points value, the mental trick is a treat).

Back to the gym ... and I'm totally looking forward to it. All that stands between me and the gym is some paperwork (employee discount and direct withdrawal from my paycheck so I don't have to think about it!). That should be done by Monday night, so my plan is to head to my first workout a 5 a.m. Tuesday morning. (AM I CRAZY??)

I'll probably keep it simple, just get my bearings. But I know once I make it a new habit, it won't even occur to me to be upset with the early wakeup call.

A new baking project. I'm still figuring out the details, but apparently I am bloody *compelled* to bake for people. And people should not be deprived, right?! So once I get it all straightened out, I'll write more about it ... and this blog might even become central to the project.

My biggest challenge if this gets off the ground will be to keep myself from dipping mindlessly into the cookie/scone/biscotti doughs as I'm putting them together. Maybe they have a machine at the gym to strengthen your will power?

And that's me on a Sunday evening. May the week ahead be as fruitful as I'm daydreaming it to be this very moment ...


  1. You're going to really like the new WW. The zero point fruit and veg is a God-send.

  2. I already got a taste of that (and it's fantastic!) ... when I was compiling my oatmeal breakfast, I put a clementine and a whole banana in the selection. So filling, so much flavor, no extra points!

  3. On not dipping into the doughs: Pretend there's something in there that will make Saazie or Patrick very, very sick if you eat it. Yes, that makes no sense, but tell your brain it's true, haha.

    I have never been able to resist the deliciousness of cookie dough or cake batter except when I was nursing Ry and I knew it would make him sick. With the exception of the time I developed a flavor on my own and had to test it, I never once tasted a batter at MagPies because I knew it'd be bad for my boy.

  4. I do need a trick, I do! I'm going to try my damndest in these next many months(/rest of my life) to internalize all the reasons and motivations for making the right choices, but there are some choices that seem immune ... like snagging cookie dough.

    I like the sick trick. ...