Thursday, January 27, 2011

goal: enjoy food, bite by bite

I have this really irritating habit of thinking about the next meal *while* I'm eating my current one. Or thinking of dessert as I'm eating dinner. Lunch as I'm snacking on my fruit.

Basically, I almost never ever hardly ever actually enjoy the bite I'm taking *in that* moment. ... And yet, wasn't I eagerly anticipating that very bite sometime earlier in the day?

Consequently? I think that whatever part of my appetite is mental is not getting fed. (And whether or not it's OK for appetite to be mental?  ... I don't know; that's a whole other discussion. I do know, though, that one of the reasons Weight Watchers works so well for me is that it imposes some natural order to my eating, rather than me relying solely on my constant mental desire for food).

So. Famished mental appetite. Self-perpetuating void.

one bite at a time
Isn't this the root of most life lessons? Enjoy the moment *in* the moment. No looking back, don't get caught up in the future. The reward is the journey, not the destination, etc., etc., etc.

It's hard to believe that I actually have to work at enjoying my food, considering how much brainspace it occupies. Maybe the daydream of food sets an unreasonable expectation for the experience of it? ...

mission! Enjoy my breakfast, full stop. Enjoy my bus ride. Enjoy my coffee. Enjoy work. Enjoy lunch. Enjoy work. Enjoy my bus ride. Enjoy dinner. Enjoy repose. Enjoy reading. Enjoy sleep. Enjoy the morning routine. Enjoy breakfast & repeat.


  1. I'm always thinking of my next meal as I'm eating too. I try so hard not to and put my fork down between bites, but will still end up eating way too fast. After a huge meal I can be eating again not even half an hour later.

    I like the idea of just enjoying the moment with everything and not only food. Maybe that will help!

  2. This has got to be some clinically defined sickness, right? Thinking of future food while we're putting our forks in our mouths?

    Maybe there's a cure out there ... in the meantime, let us self-medicate by meditating on the present.

    PS: I love "working out & eating in" ... totally wish I'd thought of that ;)

  3. I wouldn't be surprised it it was! I can't remember when it started, but I don't believe I was always like this. If I bring in a snack to work, even if I just ate breakfast, all I can think about is that snack until I can't take it anymore and end up eating it.. even though I'm not hungry! It's insane.

    I definitely think just focusing on the present can help. It's definitely hard, but it will just take some patience and time.

    Thank you :] I love reading your blog and all the lists- I'm a sucker for a good list!