Thursday, October 21, 2010

shoe romance

You know how I wear these on bike rides?
i gotta get some better shoes

It's because I can't not feel cute; it goes against my nature. These shoes may be ratty as hell, but they're better than my $18 Target no-name sneakers.

I'm usually all for frugality and simple pleasures; but I've also always loved shoes. Red shoes, platforms, clogs, boots, purple shoes, green shoes, heels, ballet flats. I love them. When I take up a new hobby, it's invariably a good excuse to get new footwear.

So when I started cycling, I was counting down the days until I proved to myself I was taking it seriously enough to get cute shoes. And the day has come (what with our Sunday bike rides, the Creeper Trail adventure, and some solo bike rides that I've taken up fearlessly).

So I got these!!!

saucony jazz low pro vegan

I've wanted Saucony originals since I was in college (where all the cool girls were wearing them). That was 10 years ago. And you know what? There's no math behind it, but waiting 10 years to get something I really wanted totally justified me paying full price. Right?

Also ... pink? I'm not normally a pink girl, but I've always been a red shoe girl; this was the closest to red, and I think they may be turning me pink ...

(PS: they're vegan! Bonus.)

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