Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Out, living

I took a little break from this blog, but I wasn't taking a break from life. Some things I've done in the past two weeks:

Rode 33 miles on Stinger, all by myself and exuberantly. I celebrated by getting myself some Chinese food for dinner that night ... vegetables, steamed rice, spring roll, wonton soup. And I usually go for duck sauce but opted instead for the mustard. It was delicious, and didn't add unnecessary sugar to my meal.

reward for 33 miles

Cleaned our house, tip to toe, and kept it all pretty while Patrick was on vacation for a week (so he could come home to a nice, cozy home ... I bought flowers, too!)

Made Italian bread, twice

Make strawberry quick jam, from scratch!

Made peanut butter (it's just salted peanuts, in the food processor ... easiest from-scratch thing ever)

Raked the leaves in our front yard ... two and a half hours of exercise on a beautiful day, with a dog who went absolutely crazy over piles of dry leaves.

Rode 15 miles on my bike just because, including on a new backroad that was nearly all uphill.

So, some things I realized about me and my bike: it keeps me in the moment; I don't think about how many miles are ahead of me or how much work I've done to get where I am. I just climb hills and speed along straight-aways. Also, I like cycling. It's the first exercise I've ever looked forward to. I'm so glad I found it.

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