Thursday, October 7, 2010

where am i sore today?

Thank you, wikipedia!
Latissimus dorsi

Let's play this game.

Today? I'm sore in my latissimus dorsi. For real.

How did I get sore here? Abs class. Whaa? Yeah. Like any good ab instructor, ours had us work specifically on our backs for a good ten minutes last night.

Why am I glad? My core is obviously in need of tuning. Also ... a stronger back is going to make my time on the bike easier.

Where am I not sore? So abs class made my back sore, but my abs themselves are in pretty good shape today. This means two things to me: I'm improving my core; and I need to push harder. I actually really loved doing straight crunches last night because of how easy they felt, as if I had actually gotten stronger. But I also noticed the instructor was stretching a little further than I was ...

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