Wednesday, October 20, 2010

links from all over, wherein we read about microwaves, aprons, bread!

Living Without a Microwave (Re-nest). In the world of simplifying, this is in the back of my mind somewhere. I'd say Patrick and I use the microwave most to reheat dishes. What did the author do about that? Just reheat on the stove. I actually prefer that ... our microwave sucks, and there's something about heat directly coming in contact with food that makes it tastier. Imagination? In any case, this is at the bottom of our "simplify" list, but it's good to see someone else having success at it.

Harvest (Kath Eats Real Food). OK, I just discovered Kath, and basically I'm in love. The photography is gorgeous, the food even more beautiful. I especially love her harvest oatmeal buffet, though. The indulgence of a buffet, the whole-grain goodness of oats. Bonus: feels just like fall.

Great whole grain cereal loaf! (The Fresh Loaf). One day — when I'm a grown-up bread-baker — this is the bread I'm going to make sure we always have fresh-made in the house.

Sew Amazing (Sifting Through). My friend Melizza made that apron! And then, I happen to know, pizza dough. It's her direction on bread-making that's gonna get me in the kitchen, kneading. This week. Today? And then I'll have to see about sewing myself an apron ...

My First 10K (Loser for Life). When I read about accomplishments like Marisa's I'm so inspired to keep pushing and setting higher goals for myself. I actually asked Patrick the other day what the best first bike race would be for me to enter, being a newbie. (He said cyclocross, by the way, which would keep me safe from the masses of riders you get in road races [not ready!], and give me time to hone my skills before I tackle the narrow, knobby trails of a mountain bike race.)

Happy reading!


  1. Picture it: wholemeal bread baking in the oven while you sew something fantastic (curtains? baby clothes?!!!). Bliss? I think so. Looking forward to reading all out your healthy bread baking.

  2. I so picture it! I do! Are you gonna get a sewing machine, do you think? Do you love it? Or is it more a fun thing to do at class?

  3. Greg and I have been going without a microwave for a few months now and we don't miss it at all! We store leftovers in these great glass pyrex dishes that can be used in the oven. Yes, it may take a little more time to prepare food, but we've enjoyed it! Real stove-top popcorn, no frozen meals, it's the best!

  4. I hadn't thought of the oven! We have those pyrex dishes, too. You're giving me ideas, Ms. Beeson ...