Friday, September 17, 2010

weekly progress: 9/6-9/12 (week 1)

Note: I'll post updates on or near Sunday every week, going over my previous week's accomplishments (or lack thereof), along with photos and my stats. My first post is several days late but all the numbers are from Sunday, September 12; and post no. 2 will be a few days late, too (what with my birthday weekend coming up!).

progress, week 1progress, week 1

*ahem* No, I'm not pregnant. This is what my stomach does when I carry around extra weight (and I've vowed to suck in absolutely nothing for these photos). I think what's clear is that while I'm relatively petite, I don't have the athletic profile I'm after.  I am so excited to see how my body changes with this new intention to get fit.

Current weight: 121.4
Difference: n/a

Body fat: 26.2%
Difference: n/a

Goal weight*: 105.7

Inches (bust / waist / hips / arms / thighs / calves):
33 / 33.5 / 44 / 10 / 22 / ?
Difference (bust / waist / hips / arms / thighs / calves):
na / na / na / na / na / na

progress, week 1

Weekly mini-goals:

Drink 64 oz. water a day yes / no
Take daily vitamin yes / no
One refined-sugar treat a week yes / no
5-6 visits to the gym a week yes / no

Weekly mini-goals? Fail.

I'm not gonna beat myself up too much over these, but I absolutely must improve them. The water is probably the easiest and one of the most important. I feel so gross and low-energy when I'm dehydrated. I also swear I translate thirst into hunger, and that I reach for food when I should be reaching for water.

My vitamin goal is also so simple, and yet I find it so hard to check that off my daily to-do list. Proposed habit: wake up, eat an apple, take the vitamin, walk the dog.

The gym goal is ambitious, and somehow so is the refined-sugar goal. Maybe because I work for a bakery?

So, forgiveness all around, with good intentions lining the road ahead.

* Goal weight is recalculated each week based on current body fat percentage, and a goal of 18%. Calculation: CW - (CW x (CBF / 100)) x 1.18; where CW=current weight, CBF=current body fat percentage.


  1. On the vitamin goal, I also have a terrible time remembering mine and it's very important for me not to forget since as a vegan B12 is entirely missing from my diet.

    I wrote myself a big ol' note on the white board next to the fridge that says, "Take your vitamins with lunch!" That way, when I head to the fridge for lunch, it reminds me :).

  2. Ooh. That's a good idea. We have the vitamins in the bathroom, but it'd be smarter to keep them in the kitchen (especially since I get nauseated if I take them on an empty stomach anyway).

    Thank you!