Friday, September 24, 2010

birthday weekend: celebrating year 29

I always find ages funny, because I celebrated turning 29 years old, but I actually began my 30th year on this here earth. So I suppose our birthdays commemorate the year we just finished? Yay! Made it through year 29! Have cake.

Or beer, as the case may be.

Patrick bought Brewgrass Festival tickets the first day they went on sale. Good thing, because they sold out within 24 hours of being posted. Months ago.

The festival just so happened to coincide with the weekend leading up to my birthday, so we booked a room at the Princess Anne Hotel, where we stayed for our honeymoon. The place is a gorgeous, old building and staffed by some of the most friendly service-folk I've met. Also ... breakfast. Delicious. Local. Homemade. I meant to take pictures, but I kept forgetting my camera. I'm sure we'll return.

The weekend was full of indulgence and commenced with beer at Standard Pizza Co.
(new favorite!) and a sampling of regional beers and bluegrass music. I had only about four or five tasters before I sat out the rest of the afternoon.

standard pizza co.brewgrass 2010

Patrick and I headed out on an aimless bike ride. We passed through The UNC-Asheville campus, where Patrick spotted an apple tree and we had ourselves a little snack. I gotta say, that was pretty satisfying -- seeing fruit growing in the wild and just taking it.

We rode up to the Grove Park Inn (amazing and fantastical looking hotel), and I gotta tell you, I'm proud of my sore ass. I got my butt out of my seat to climb even though I hate doing it; I rode down a hill and clocked my highest speed yet, at least 33 miles an hour. Totally exciting.

sunday bike ride in ashevillesunday bike ride in asheville: apple tree pit stop
sunday bike ride in asheville: grove park innsunday bike ride in asheville: grove park inn

For lunch? We're die-hard 12 Bones fans, but the River Arts District location (our favorite of the two) is closed on the weekends, so we tried out Luella's Bar-B-Que.

It was good, but it was no 12 Bones.

I give credit where it's due, though. The smoked sweet potato chips were inspiring. I'll be trying my hand at some soon. If my version is good, I'll write about 'em.

And then? A nap before beer and dinner.  More like trying to nap while catching a half-hour of Tomb Raider 2 ... terrible idea. What wasn't a terrible idea? The beer.

Patrick and I headed to Craggie Brewing Company, the newest of a dozen breweries in the Asheville area, and I think it found its place just fine. When we got there, a couple of people were already sipping on their free flight of beers, won by bringing in their favorite vinyl. I can't remember what was playing, but I remember thinking that was about the coolest way to get new customers.

craggie brewing companycraggie brewing company

monday (birthday day!)
How I wish wish wish I'd remembered my camera for breakfast at Princess Anne! I got the granola, yogurt & fruit because I knew we'd be eating 12 Bones with my parents for lunch. It was adorable granola. It had sesame seeds! I took notes.

And lunch at 12 Bones? Delicious as always, and got what I usually get, the sides platter. Always enough. More than enough. Indulgent, delicious, down-home.

12 bones smokehouse


  1. The granola at the Princess Anne IS great! Seriously, I was not at all envious of the slab of egg, bacon and cheese Dylan devoured across the table from me. That was some damn good granola!

  2. I can't wait to experiment with the sesame seeds ...