Tuesday, September 14, 2010

abs class: what the hell??

This class kicks my ass every. single. time.

I think I originally imagined just doing 40 minutes of endless standard crunches. Which would, of course, defeat the purpose of being led by a trained instructor. What I've found instead is a series of unimaginable uses for my torso. And back. Did I mention that I always leave class with a sore neck? And arms and legs.

It's ridiculous. In the most lovely way.

One of my goals is to participate at 100% in this class. Because as it stands now, I spend at least five minutes each class either still on my back, or reverting to standard crunches while everyone else contorts their upperbody and legs into some mangled, amazingly effective posture.

And of the time I spend mimicking the instructor, I'd say only half that time am I pushing my limits; the other half I'm just barely able to keep up.

I'm so excited about all my classes and what I can achieve with them, but this one has already got me daydreaming about a rock-hard (or at least solid) core. Which I realize I've never had.

My posture has always been subpar (sitting or standing). I have a little ponch (I should really name it; it's hung around long enough). I want to push out babies one day, and I think a strong core will be an excellent way to get back in to shape after birth.

I'm on my way there already. (I'm always amazed at how quickly my body responds to exercise, like I'm finally giving it what it's wanted). I've been to a handful of ab classes and my most recent one, yesterday, I could actively feel my muscles being more engaged and more in control. (A specific example: As we were laying on our backs with our legs raised, knees bent, my lower back stuck to the floor, rather than lifting to a slight arch.)

I wasn't able to increase my participation, but I did feel more centered as I struggled through the exercises.

Baby steps. Baby crunches.

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