Thursday, March 10, 2011

praise the lord & pass the good nutrition ... my jeans fit better!

Just this morning I finally noticed my jeans are hanging a little looser. Not much. Just enough for me to notice. But also just enough for me to open up my brain to The Future Lindsay.

I was sucking in ... maybe a little.

I've been very happy to take on good habits for their own sake (and proud of myself, too). I have this idea that I want to set a preliminary weight goal of 115 (I'm about 124 now). I know I want to be stronger and stand up straighter.

But those goals have felt far off and detached. All the work I've been doing for nearly two months has made me feel *good*, but in only barely-discernible ways.

Which has suggested to me a homeostasis. Healthfulness but little change otherwise.

And then Boom. Bam. Jeans are loose! Inside my brain, something like this is happening "I could be trim! Lean! Maybe I'll wear bikinis, like, ALL summer. I'll have muscles. Other people will be able to see them. No tummy roll? REALLY? Maybe! Just maybe!"

I'm not on some get-skinny rampage now. It's just that I suddenly feel like all this healthfulness might also lead to a Lindsay I've never seen before. (I have weighed as little as 107 lbs., but I didn't get their with exercise. I was still flabby, with little muscle [which I didn't think was possible at 107? Apparently it is?].)

This Lindsay might look like an ... athlete? Like one of those cute yoga ladies? A gymnast (I *do* have trunk-y thighs)? I actually don't know. But I am totally stoked to find out.

And all because my jeans are a tiny bit loose! Who knew?


  1. Congratulations! That's a lot of hard work right there!

  2. You know, one of the biggest accomplishments this represents to me is my being happy with little steps.

    Fitness in the past has felt like a means to get (quickly! please!) to some much smaller weight/size.

    But I'm *ecstatic* over a little quarter-inch ...

  3. You should be! I always thought if I wasn't seeing results in a couple weeks then it wasn't working. The best change is small and one day you notice something like this and it puts it all in perspective. Eating healthy and working hard really does work.. it just takes some time, but the rewards are huge.

    You're doing awesome! You'll reach your goals no problem!

  4. Yay jeans! Well-fitting "skinny" clothes or loose-fitting "fat" or "normal" clothes have always made me feel better than any number on the scale :). Way to go!

  5. INDEED! These days I'm responding more to the jeans (charts or not; those things are more Objective Observation of Data), the shirts, little tiny dents that are showing up on my waistline ...

  6. Totally gonna try for it, Mela! I'm trying to decide what style I'd be cutest in ... glam two-piece? Hippie string bikini? Sport?